100 Inspiring Women World List For GC4Women


Photo by Kristopher Roller

I had a chance to contribute to the “GC4Women Top 100  Women In The World” list for GC4Women.

GC4Women is a non-profit organization that believes in all women and girls – and their right to create new opportunities for themselves and their communities. The Global Connections for Women Foundation is the recipient of 2015 Best of Manhattan Charity Organization (New York, USA). Learn more about GC4Women here

The “GC4Women Top 100  Women In The World” project launched with the idea to give students the freedom to share a list of women who inspired them.

I chose foreign-born women executives, which is symbolic for me. I am Russian-born, currently residing in New York. Coming to New York and starting a new life in a new place requires a lot of bravery, courage, and hard work. Every day I see and meet many other women that are exemplary and inspire me to look up, to move forward, and to build a new, open world together. The women I selected are the truly unbelievable achievers in what they do and deserve respect for whom they have become. In my list of nominees for #GC4W100, are foreign-born women who achieved the remarkable outside of the countries of their origin.

Here is my list of inspiring women:


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