Corporate Website As A Premium Acquisition Channel

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There is an excellent research by Accenture from 2013, based on 15 consumer electronics websites provides evidence on growing influence of corporate website as an important channel in the customer acquisition ecosystem these days. The research shows corporate site makes up 60% of overall digital marketing. Therefore more than half of the efforts on the web that a company puts will be judged by a customer based on the proper website performance. 


According to the 2013 Accenture Electronics and High Tech (EHT) benchmark study CMOs need to:

– Adjust the performance of their corporate websites within the digital marketing ecosystem.

– Introduce superior capability to capture the value of sites as an acquisition channel.

– Ensure brand websites are optimized to reach perpetually connected consumers.

 – Close the gap on competitors who are already exceeding customer expectations.


It’s a new premium channel from of a digital era of marketing, which will require even more attention and investments from CMO’s and corporations in the future. But at what degree and where the end of it?

The truth is that a site requires a lot of commitment. It’s a point of fastest and easiest customer interaction with a company, which requires higher attention to details. The Accenture report walks through that the reasons and benefits of it.

But what I find to be a critical point to add to the position supported by the Accenture research which will close the circle of digital customer experience with a brand. It’s clearly that the site should not be only optimized to reach but also retain and keep the connected clients, develop stronger relationships with them through constant feedback and update of information. 

There is a relevant post by Seth Godin’s “And when it breaks?” from November 4th. He reminds companies that after developing a disruptive competitive digital strategy with an interactive site, there should be a way for the feedback for customers to inform about broken links and actions required that do not make sense on the site. There should be a real person to take care of the site on a daily basis as it’s longer that one week job. This approach will save everybody’s time and nerves and to some even their online reputation.


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