Social Media Metrics: 4 Essentials Of Competitive Benchmarking

Social media metrics are an essential measure for any business online no matter in which industry it is in. That’s why most of the metrics I will put into the template will be easy to find for competitive analysis even without owning the account. As I posted Awesomepova reports, I never explained why each metric I used was relevant. I was thinking about updating the social media metrics for some time by now. Also, I wanted to make it possible to prepare these metrics very quick. So this will be an updated social media report template.

Top metrics to include in your next social media competitive report.

Social Media Metrics To Measure For Any Businesses Online

Additional: Be Creative With Your Metrics

Also, there is something more you can include in the report and that is a creative evaluation of competitors on social media. In other words, you can be creative here in terms of how you want to compare yourself to your competitors. For example, you can compare product characteristics or presence on different social media networks you do not use yet, tools they use to manage and excel their social media accounts, and with whom they collaborate to leverage their brand. It all depends on your initial reason and purpose for social media competitive benchmarking.


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