These Tools Will Measure Competitors Engagement On Social Media Faster Than You Drink Your Coffee


Why would anybody care about competitors at all?


I’ve heard the conversation why not, but  today the focus will be on why and on social… And how to do it in a minute. Media is a big ocean where one can swim closer to the audience…and competition.

There are few reasons why it’s useful to check what the competition posts, who likes them and which influencer shares. If the why is a curiosity to see what they do on social media, it’s not bad. If the why is to tell clients and audience that you are cooler even in that, it’s understandable. If the why is to avoid the competitors’ mistakes on social, it’s smart.

Having any good reasons behind the will to gather information on competitors’ from social media, there is a common issue I faced. The process itself takes a solid amount of time. As a person who had to gather engagements and analyze the content manually and natively from social platforms, I would not wish for anybody to spend as much time as I did. These are three tools to measure competition and their engagement on social media in a minute. I found them to have best capabilities in terms of providing thorough competitive analysis.


These three tools I found searching for the help in my tasks.


Simply Measured




Rival IQ








All these three tools provide a full spectrum of information for a detailed media strategy with a minimal research process. Considering how fast digital world changes and reacts, it would be handy to use tools like these to be aware of competitors’ online conversation and strategy every day.


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