Influencer Marketing: Social Media Trends Today

Influencer is a new buzzword in the marketing world, and a lucrative tool in the business world today. Influencer marketing is a marketing tool for increasing awareness, shaping brand image and reputation through an individual recognized to be an expert in a demographic niche.

The popularity of the “influencer” search term in Google rose over the last three years tremendously, along with the term “influencer marketing.” Today it even beats “content marketing” in popularity.

Rise Of Influencer Marketing

It was interesting to see for which social media platform people searched more often for influencers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,Twitter, and Youtube were chosen to form our sample. The timeline is taken from January 2004 to August 2016. Below you can see the chart showing the growth of influencers searches for each social media platforms in our sample. “Instagram influencers” is an absolute leader in searches for influencers.  Surprisingly, LinkedIn is in second place. The visual and the business platforms are in the lead, which make a great sense because in both industries influencers’ opinions are so powerful.

Where To Search For Influencers

With the rise of interest in influencer marketing there came opportunities for existing marketing agencies to expand their business services to the search for influencers and building relationships with them for the client. There are, also, young and successful companies, like Thuzio in NYC, that build their businesses solely on influencers search and execution.

If influencer marketing  is so beneficial these days and, at the same time, there are so many requests, particularly for Instagram and LinkedIn influencers, why are these platforms not encouraging users to become influencers?  It would reward both users and the platform.


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