3 Reasons Why We Need A Special Cannabis Influencer Platform

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Photo Source: Facebook.com


1. Limited Paid Promotion Services.

Working at a cannabis company puts big challenges in front of marketing in the digital world. Facebook and Instagram have the biggest audiences and most efficient advertising services, attracting cannabis businesses. But these two platforms have made it impossible for cannabis companies to have the same advertising rights as other industries. It’s unfair and challenging, you can loose your Facebook page, but it’s not terrible.

Most Followed Figure on Instagram @selenagomez
Photo Source: Instagram.com. Most Followed Figure on Instagram Selena Gomez @selenagomez


2. Cannabis marketing industry could use mainstream marketing experiences.

There are ways to overcome advertising limitations. One of them is influencer marketing, which helps avoid the strict media rules against “violating user policies.” Influencer endorsement on social media allows legit companies to substitute paid promotional on the original media platform by influencer marketing.

One Of My Favorite Cannabis Influencers with Great Brand Image For Cannabis, @thiscannabislife
Photo Source: Instagram.com. One Of My Favorite Cannabis Influencers with Great Cannabis Brand Image @thiscannabislife


3. Change the image of cannabis users.

Influencer search platforms are becoming popular outside of cannabis. When cannabis culture is built around a special community, there is a crucial point that we could easily work on and create specified cannabis influencer platforms. Cannabis is different than other industries and we should act cautiously as it’s yet to be legalized on Federal level. That’s why creating a cannabis influencer platform with unique responsible and sophisticated influencers is helpful in changing the face of the industry, overcoming stigma around cannabis, and overcoming the obstacles of prohibition.

Photo Source: Bangdigitalmedia.com

Cannabis influencer platforms already exist. I found Bang Media recently. It’s been growing and developing since 2014. But the brand image they try to represent on their website might not appeal to mainstream cannabis companies if they want to be taken seriously by the government and intelligent consumers. Visiting Bang Media website I could see the only exaggerated stereotypes of cannabis stigmas when we need to aim for the opposite branding in order to get closer to federal legalization. There are many companies with sophisticated branding in the cannabis industry but not enough marketing support and this new type of cannabis influencer platform could be created for them.



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